Q. What are the compatible smartphones?

A. It’s available with over iOS10.0 and over Android5.0. However, it may not work with foreign-made smartphones or some MVNOs (low-cost smartphone plan). If OS or the phone model is not compatible, please use the web app from the web browser. The app is available with Safari and Chrome.

Q. How can I use the service if I don’t have a smartphone?

A. The web app is available with tablets or laptops. Safari and Chrome are compatible.

Q. What are the business hours? Are there days out of the service?

A. We’re working 8:00-22:00 on weekdays, and the last order is 21:30. We’re out of the service on weekends and holidays.

Q. How many buses are running?

A. It fluctuates depending on the demand, but 5 buses maximum.

Q. What should I do when I’ve sent a request with a wrong number of passengers?

A. It’s impossible to change the number of passengers after you sent a request. Please cancel the request, and make a reservation again.

Q. What should I do when I cannot catch the bus I reserved?

A. Please cancel the reservation instantly, and please make a reservation again at the time you can make it. Additionally, if the passenger isn’t at the bus stop when the bus arrives, it will depart after 1 minutes. If you missed the bus, please send a request again.

Q. What should I do if I left something behind in the bus?

A. Please contact us via support LINE or email.

Q. What should I do when I change my phone?

A. By signing up with your ID and password, you’ll be able to use it again as before.

Q. Can people form outside of Kyushu University use the service?

A. Anyone in Ito Campus can use it.

Q. Is it possible to carry big luggages?

A. It’s prohibited to use trunk space, but it’s ok if you can put on your lap. If you want to carry luggages you can’t put on your lap, please book an extra sheet for luggages in addition to your sheet. However, you can’t book more than one sheet for your luggages.

Q. What should I do when I can’t receive SMS (short mail)?

A. If you can’t receive SMS, these are possibly the cause.

  • SMS reception is rejected in setting

  • Communication state is unstable

  • Airplane mode is tuning on

  • During data communication via wireless LAN (such as WiFi)

  • SMS reception is unsupported with your phone model or contract

  • There is not enough available capacity

  • Other

Operation procedure and setting will be different depending on models.

Please check the manual of your phone or the contact of your mobile operator.

【SMS reception is rejected in setting 】

If you reject SMS reception in setting, you cannot receive SMS.

If you do so, please allow SMS reception.

【Communication state is unstable】

If the communication state is unstable, you may not be able to receive SMS.

Please move to the place where communication quality is good, and try again.

【Airplane mode is tuning on】

If airplane mode is turning on, you cannot receive SMS.

Please try again after you turn off airplane mode.

【During data communication via wireless LAN (such as WiFi)】

SMS uses telephone line of its mobile operator to transmit.

If you use data communication via wireless LAN (such as WiFi), you won’t be able to receive SMS depending on the setting.

Please either turn off WiFi or change the setting so you can use telephone line and wireless communication at the same time, and try again.

【SMS reception is unsupported with your phone model or contract】

Depending on your phone model or communication plan, you may not be able to use SMS or you need to contract an extra option.

Please check your contract with your mobile operator.


If your device is not working well, it might be solved by restarting your device or taking out and inserting a SIM card.